Thursday, 23 February 2012

Barratts Homes

Dear All,  I have picked up some disturbing rumour’s about the above site and the intended occupants of the social housing that is being developed there and the allocation of these houses to people from outside Cornwall.  Can I firstly confirm that the builders or the council have not signed an agreement with Manchester City or Liverpool councils for people from those areas to have these houses and would never do so.   At present Cornwall has 23,000 people on it’s Homechoice waiting list and homeless numbers as high a anywhere in the country including London, so why would we allocate to other places.  In fact the problems are so severe that in the Council Budget just set the council had a housing strategy to build 4000 affordable home to buy and rent in it.  For details see Annex 1of the papers linked below

As you will see this housing of local people is a priority for the council especially in these economically challenging times and to be able to be considered for any of these houses you will need to be on the Homechoice list and you can apply;-

With this in mind and under the section 106 agreement signed by Barratts and the council which considered and looked at the first 100 homes being built on this site, the developer agreed to a rate of 40% that would be affordable,   this I might add without public subsidy.  The breakdown of the affordable element is as follows, 20 will be for Social rent, 12 will be for sale at affordable rates (see below) and 8 will be for part buy part rent.  The costs are as follows

70k     for a one be flat
87k     for a two bed house
127k   for a three bed house

To be able to purchase one of these houses you will need to have a local connection to the parish of Looe and be on the Homechoice waiting list, you will need to e mail below for consideration of these limited number

Currently there are 330 people from Looe with a housing need and with a local connection

I hope that this information is useful



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