Monday, 12 March 2012

Dear All Every Thursday I travel home to find litter strewn around the town, why because it’s bin day and whilst many residents cover their black bags the seagull populations still finds a way to uncover them. They easily peck entry to the bags and eat their fill from the waste inside and discard what they don’t want which is taken by the wind around the streets causing an unsightly mess. I have talked to other councils around the country and found a solution from another authority who used the sacks photographed in the attachments to stop this problem (the portfolio holder said it was cured overnight). These sacks come in at under £4 each (can be as little as £2 for bulk orders), can take up to 4 medium filled black bags and can be tied to posts, pipes or gates. When not in use they can be folded up and stored taking up very little space and made of a durable material. I will be asking the Looe Town Council to consider getting some of these to trial them and see if our Thursday problem can be solved, would anyone else like to try? Please see pictures below. Regards Armand

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